About Us

We are Chris and Megan. First and foremost we love our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are daily humbled by His plan for our lives and love seeing what he does when we trust him. We have always wanted to adopt but had planned on having biological kids first. We felt God calling us to adoption first and after lots of prayer are excited to be starting our first adoption! We love the people and culture of Uganda and are excited to bring that culture into our family. We seek to honor God in our adoption and eventually in the way we raise our kids. We covet your prayers as this will be a long but exciting journey to our forever family!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Adoption Guilt and Choosing Joy

We promise to remain transparent in our adoption including the good the bad and the ugly...today it's the ugly and vulnerable. Please see our struggling hearts as we trust God with all the adoption decisions. 

Our current struggle is this sense of guilt over "choosing" a child. I've been struggling with guilt ever since our home visit. For days it consumed me, I hid it, wrestled with it and let it cloud the Truth we've been following since the beginning. I finally crawled out of my hole and asked Chris if he's feeling the same. His guilt isn't as overwhelming and frequent but he has felt it also.

At our home visit we were asked what "kind" of child we were willing to adopt. Age and gender and number of kids was easy to answer but we had to go deeper. Would we accept a child with down syndrome? Missing limbs? Missing digits? Developmental or learning issues? Autism? Medical issues both large and small? HIV? We were honest in what we felt like we could handle but it left me with a sick feeling. If I get pregnant, we will love, cherish and celebrate while still hoping for a healthy child. Could/should we extend the same parameters for our adoption? We had discussed our desires numerous times, prayed fervently and felt God leading us in the decisions.  We were prepared, had ready answers but both left the meeting with a deep guilt. Our social worker was extremely positive and encouraging, she commented numerous times that our parameters are much more broad than most families she works with. 

I've prayed this verse for days (Psalm 61:2) We've both been praying about our guilt and the parameters we established and don't feel God asking us to change our parameters. This has led us to believe this guilt comes directly from Satan. Our dear friends have encouraged us and helped us to see that we are trusting God with all our decisions. It has been extremely to talk with other adoptive families who have walked this same struggle. I have been reminded of John 10:10 which says "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." Jesus would you give that peace? Would you help us to see the life in this adoption and replace our guilt with joy! We praise you for the child you planned, before the beginning of time, to graft into our family! While the guilt will still creep in, we are choosing joy in knowing each day we are a step closer to meeting that sweet face!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Organizing Grant Applications

No one who adopts can care too much about destroying the rain forest because there are millions of papers to fill out/submit/copy/sign etc...

From application, to Uganda manual to home study and now....GRANTS!!

We are committed to a debt/loan free adoption. Our community has rallied around us and donated all but 50 pieces of the puzzle! Check that out, you can actually tell what it is and there is only a tiny pile of un-donated pieces left!!

You can still be a "piece of our puzzle" by donating $10/puzzle piece (For more information click here Puzzle Fundraiser).

We are also diligently saving as much as we possibly can! But, while we wait for our home study to be written and approved, we are filling out at least a hundred more papers applying for every possible loan. Thank you Jesus for all the people/foundations/non-profits who have acknowledged the financial burden but huge blessing that adoption is. Another adoptive mama sent me her long list of adoption grants with helpful notes on each. There are over 55 grants on her list! What a huge gift!! Most of the grants require a completed home study, others require details of our referral and pictures/ medical information of our child/children (which we won't have for a while). But while we wait for the completed home study we are starting to fill out the generic information, financial information, testimonies, desire to adopt etc!!

Because I'm also committed to being highly organized, I made this binder to help keep everything straight.
I have two pages in the front with important information each are asking for like work addresses, contacts for our home study and placing agency, email addresses, phone numbers etc. I created a folder for each grant, I started off with just 10 and will work on adding more after I've tackled these.
 I just 3-hole punched each folder and put the grant application inside each.
 The labels are easy to see and keep everything organized. At the back I have a miscellaneous file which will have a copy of our completed home study, tax files from the last few years, marriage certificates etc. (Things multiple grants are asking for)
My favorite part of these specific file folders are the "notes" section inside the back panel. I'll write special instructions, application deadlines and general notes about each grant.

Thankfully I had the binder and file folders on hand after not using them for work last year so it was all free!! This may not be very exciting to many of you but it makes me eager to get started!!