About Us

We are Chris and Megan. First and foremost we love our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are daily humbled by His plan for our lives and love seeing what he does when we trust him. We have always wanted to adopt but had planned on having biological kids first. We felt God calling us to adoption first and after lots of prayer are excited to be starting our first adoption! We love the people and culture of Uganda and are excited to bring that culture into our family. We seek to honor God in our adoption and eventually in the way we raise our kids. We covet your prayers as this will be a long but exciting journey to our forever family!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Home Study Complete!!!

So after a few weeks of silence we finally have exciting news to announce!!  Our home study is complete!!

Seeing the word "done" on that paper made a wave of peace pass over me. We've strived and longed for this day, this email, this news!! 

If you recall, our last visit was August 26th. You see there has been such a long silence because our home study agency made two more mistakes (for a total of 6) on our home study which we had to revise before it would be accepted by our placing agency, the one person who can sign off also took a vacation in the middle of it causing further delay.

But finally, the day has arrived and we are so excited to move forward onto the next step which unfortunately involves  A LOT of waiting. But we are one major step closer to our referral!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Auction

We hope you liked what you saw in the sneak peak! There are 43 items on the page now and we will continue posting until the beginning of the auction. If you check out the Our Ugandan Adoption Page, you will see we have paid all our home study fee. We now have our final fees to our placing agency, travel fees and after adoption fees to raise. In total we are expecting about another $23,630 in expenses to complete the adoption!

So here's how it works! Get on Facebook and head on over our Facebook Auction

From there you can request to join the group!

You can browse through the items but you CAN'T bid until the auction officially opens on November 7th at 7AM PST and closes November 11, 2014 at 10 AM PST.

Please share this link with family and friends, post it on Facebook, Instagram, any kind of social media! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1435369746717958/)

The most important thing you can do in the next 33 days is get as many people into the group as possible. The success of the auction depends on hundreds if not thousands of people seeing the page, joining the group and bidding!

We will send out reminders when the auction is getting closer!

Thank you to the dozens of people who have donated already! The tangible love and support we have seen poured out has been richly blessing us and encouraging us!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Online Auction

Many people have rallied around us and gifted us amazing items to auction off!! We are working on the Facebook page and will post the link here sometime this weekend!

If you make things, are crafty, artistic...own a business and would be willing to donate your services...have cool items others may love and you're wanting a way to support our adoption we would love to add even more items!

It will begin November 7th and end November 11 at 10 AM PST. Here is a sneak peak of just a few items that be in our auction!!