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Our Ugandan Adoption

July 2013-Decide to adopt before trying for biological kids but feel we should wait till fall 2014

January 2014-Feel God telling us to act now

January 21,2014- Over an hour and half conversation with our agency's social worker (get the go ahead to apply)

January 22, 2014-Apply for Uganda Adoption Program

February 4, 2014- Accepted to Uganda Adoption Program!!!
SO much paperwork to fill out!

February 10,2014- "Welcome to the Program" call with Case Worker

February 24, 2014- Orientation Interview with Case Worker

February-June: Collecting paperwork (birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving records, child abuse clearances, fingerprints, financial forms, diagram of house, passports, drivers licenses, ) reading, book reports, physicals, blood work, online training, classes (Lifelong issues in Adoption, Attachment and other issues in Adoptions, Medical Issues in Adoption)

June 14, 2014- Move to larger house for home study

June 30, 2014- Turned in ALL home study paperwork!! Phew it's done!!

July 30, 2014- Initial Intake Interview with Social Worker

August 26, 2014- Home Visit and Final Interview

November 5, 2014- Final (kinda) Home Study Received

November 14, 2014- I-600A submitted

 November 20, 2014- I-600A received by USCIS

December 1, 2014- Notification of Biometrics Appointment received: Scheduled for December 12, 2014 at noon

December 4, 2014- Walk-In for Biometrics appointment praying they'll take us. They DID!!! We were the last ones seen for the day!!

January 4, 2015- I-600A approved!

January 5,2015- Officially Paper Pregnant! #11 on wait list

January 6, 2015- I-600A sent to Kampala for visa purposes

March 18, 2015- Uganda Program on Suspension

April 6, 2015- Switch Placing Agencies (time to re-do paperwork)

May 28, 2015- All Dossier documents gathered, notarize and officially sent to agency

June 4, 2015- All Dossier documents reviewed. WE ARE #2 ON THE WAIT LIST!!!! (Expected 6-12 month wait for referral)

January 4, 2016- MATCHED!!  It's a girl!

March 16, 2016- Meet Noeline and take physical custody.

March 17, 2016- Court Appearance #1- Failed

May 30, 2016- Granted Legal Guardianship

September 14, 2016- HOME!!!!


  1. hello!
    i was just wondering if you'd be willing to let us know which agency you are working with?
    thanks so much


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