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We are Chris and Megan. First and foremost we love our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are daily humbled by His plan for our lives and love seeing what he does when we trust him. We have always wanted to adopt but had planned on having biological kids first. We felt God calling us to adoption first and after lots of prayer are excited to be starting our first adoption! We love the people and culture of Uganda and are excited to bring that culture into our family. We seek to honor God in our adoption and eventually in the way we raise our kids. We covet your prayers as this will be a long but exciting journey to our forever family!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Agency Trip: Day 7- Child Act Amendments

We have known since we started this crazy ride that Uganda wasn't happy with the way legal guardianship works for international adoption. We've known the new judges were wanting to make changes and that they had a lot of support from other stakeholders. God told us to jump anyway and trust Him in this and so we did but it's something that is constantly on our minds.

Just before our agency left for Uganda, they notified us that there may be amendments made to the Child Act in the next 6-9 months. This can and will directly affect our process we just don't know how quite yet. One of the big questions our agency is working to figure out is what these amendments are. Will it close Ugandan adoptions completely? Will it restrict all legal guardianship and require parents to be in country for 3 years before adopting? Will fees be different, new paperwork, new meetings, more requirements. Will we be grandfathered in because we started the process after these changes were made??? The questions go on and on and our agency couldn't answer them because very little is known other than that "Something will change." They were being told this from people on the ground involved in adoptions.

Our agency met with numerous people this week to determine what are the amendments that are up for a vote and what is the likelihood they will pass. We are trusting that God called us to this at this exact time. We have no idea what will happen but we know God is in control and he cares more about the orphan that we could ever even try.

The information gained about these amendments will help our agency prepare us to move forward, it will also help us to have answers about the big unknown. I'm a planner and I like to have Plan A, B and C but nothing about an adoption is "plannable."

Please pray today for answers for when the Child Act may be amended and what the amendments are that are proposed

Please pray that the orphan is the driving force in amending the Child Act, not hostility or frustration to the Western world and the loop holes they have found in adopting

Please pray for open doors for adopting but for integrity in how those adoptions take place and guarantees that they can be done ethically

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